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Meet our Pack!

Come meet our pack by requesting a Meet & Greet at Kamp K-9!

Or, if you are looking for help with your pack member regardless of the issue or behavior, contact me and we will set a date & time to meet at your house for two hours, talk about the problem, your dog will then tell me their side of the story, and then I will show you what your dog can do (or stop doing!) and then you'll be doing it before I leave! One session (and your commitment to continue) is all that is usually necessary. If after a couple of weeks we all decide that I should come back, it's only for an hour. From "red zone" aggression to nervous/anxious/fearful, no dog is too much for me.

Don't be duped by other so-called "dog trainers" that charge you thousands of dollars and tons of visits to either feed your dog treats or refuse to work with them because they're "difficult" and still not get the results you require. Instinctual training for the canine AND human for over 40 years is why I am extremely successful!

Call, text or email for scheduling and pricing today!

(904) 566-7625 or

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