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I Got to Be a Dog!

I've got some great stuff coming up to share with you guys, but before I put those posts together with time to do them justice, I HAD to share that I got the chance to be a dog for part of a day! While helping the Jacksonville Humane Society with dog handling at a mini-adoption event I got asked if I was willing to jump into the bulldog suit and wave at people and wander around the event.... um, YES! The awesome event was hosted by the Tom Bush Mini dealership on their day off and they were wonderful, helpful hosts who also fed everyone for free! Plus, with the little play on words on the sign and kids in cars wanting to high five the dog, who wouldn't want to do it?

Was it hot? Yes! Was it fun! Absolutely! And getting adoration from (almost) everyone can be addictive -- I can see why dogs (and many celebrities) can get unbalanced real quick. Which should serve as a reminder to us to reward the acceptable state of mind, not the immediate behavior. It might work if we did that with misbehaving celebrities.... hmmm.....

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