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Visualize What You Want!

"You are what you eat" suggests that we are only as good as what we put into our bodies. The same goes for what is in our minds at any given time. In the dog world it's known as energy, in the human world, mind-set. Either way you term it, your dog knows how you feel. In this post we are just going to concentrate on seeing success.

In my tactical police courses, I teach extensively about the survival mind-set and how what is called "feed forward" sometimes can dictate life or death for the officer. In judo matches at the world championship level I have to see myself being successful or I most certainly will not be -- and it's garnered 3 world judo championships. Any highly successful person sees themselves winning before the even begin -- not arrogantly, but confidently and humbly, and they see all the steps in winning being performed perfectly in their heads long before the competition whether it be sports, business, or personal.

SEEING yourself winning is as important as having the skills to survive -- at times even more so. But while we can bluff our way past a human encounter, you can't do that with a dog. Why? Can they actually read our minds? Well, no... and yes!

In the photo accompanying this post, I'm walking 3 powerful large breeds with a loose leash. No one is pulling, lunging, playing wrestling games. Do they at some point? Sure, but are they directed properly? Again, sure they are. That's my job as a pack leader -- not to keep them from having fun, but I have the responsibility of keeping them SAFE. This was taken right after a jog in the ocean with all 3, and it was a wild and extremely fun time. Walking calmly afterwards is also wild and extremely fun!

And the best part? YOU can do the same thing, IF you see it happening in your mind. If you see three out-of-control warrior dogs dragging your carcass down the beach face first (like in a movie), then THAT is very likely to happen! See yourself in control, walking and enjoying the beach and the sunshine, and helping these dogs be better at being dogs (and perhaps even a role model for others) then THAT is what the dogs -- and other humans -- will see.

Until next time, enjoy the leadership position and see yourself winning!

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