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Cocoa and Ajax Have a Weekend Vacation!

Last weekend, Cocoa (13 year old Labradoodle) and Ajax (3 year old Chocolate Lab) spent a long weekend at Kamp K-9! Both are sweet dogs, and both had the opportunity to calmly walk with the pack at the beach. Ajax also got to pull me around the neighborhood on the bicycle -- and I say "got to" because he pulled me at top speed for well over a mile in the middle of a driving rain storm, and still wanted to keep going!

Both have a different energy but when together with Koa, and my son's dog, Kye, everybody had the right kind of energy for whatever activity we were all doing. In fact, Cocoa would lead the pack quite often on the beach walks and was always up for any activity, whether it was walking or just lying on the sand watching the "youngsters" wrestle around. We hope to see them both again soon!


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