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Mahalo to Jameson and Aloha to Suki!

Jameson finished his time with us this morning and was doing great! No matter what, we all always form a connection with dogs we have met and especially the ones we have worked with on THEIR behalf. Jameson seemed happy, proud, and much calmer, walked alongside Koa without as much pulling, and played in the water for a bit. We all wish the best for him in the future -- and hope to see him again on the beach real soon! Aloha, our new friend, and mahalo for the opportunity and the trust that you showed us!

So what's next? Suki, a Blue Bay Shepherd, will be coming by to meet and greet in two weeks, and staying for about a week in early August. Cocoa & Ajax, a Labradoodle and a chocolate lab respectively, have already visited and will be with me for about 4 days in a couple of weeks. More wonderful pups to add to the history of the pack!

Until next time, stay calm & assertive and enjoy your walks with a wonderful creation of God!

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