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First Coast Living Goes to the Dogs with Kamp K-9 on Live TV!

Set your DVR's for Thursday, September 10 at 11 a.m. (repeat at 2 p.m.) for Kamp K-9 and the pack LIVE on First Coast Living, WTLV-12! The pack (Koa, along with Faith and Redford) will be appearing and sharing information on being balanced and calm. This will be the first time in front of cameras in a studio for the dogs, so I'm excited to see how all of that will go for them!

In the past several weeks I have had the pleasure of continuing to stay busy, helping to bring out the pack leader in dog owners and help ing dogs to become the dog they need to be. If there is one thing that has become absolutely clear, it is that when dogs follow a ritual of calm, assertive leadership we get the calm, submissive dogs we want. The problem is that sometimes we want things to happen without any (or little) effort on our part. I've said this before: the work you put into your leadership skills with your dogs will give you a huge return.

But when I say "work", it doesn't mean it has to be a chore! Changing our focus and looking to challenge ourselves as well as our dogs is incredibly rewarding when you get to improve yourself as much as the dog! Having a household with less stress, less constant noise, less frustration makes the human healthier and happier. And you know that makes our dogs healthier and happier as well.

I suggest that you use the percentage system of reviewing your day with your dogs. I cannot tell you how many times, at the end of Lisa's and my day with a younger Koa, we would admit, "Today he was a 90%'er." That means he did great, but he - or we - needed improvement in some areas. It also means that everday that percentage would change; sometimes up, sometimes down. But it would keep us focused on the results down the road rather than results in the moment. Now, I think most days Koa is a 1000%'er. Most days. Meaning with dogs, as in humans, every day is different and can have a different outcome. But, like with humans, if we dwell on the past we are destined to be unprepared for the future.

Until next time, continue to follow the pack on Facebook and Instgram, and stay calm and be a 100%'er for your pack!

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