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Dog Aggression or Misdirected Energy?

Alfred is a 6 year old miniature Poodle owned by a very nice lady. Alfred's story, however, is that he is dog aggressive and goes into a rage when other dogs are around. And, she was correct: I took Koa with me to work with Alfred and he definitely went after Koa and got corrected, once by me and once more a little later by Koa.

So Alfred got to come to Kamp K-9 for 12 days while his owner is out of town. The attached video shows his actual entry into the area where the other dogs (Koa, Penny and Piper) are waiting patiently, and how -- if the human pack leader is calm and assertive -- the dogs will socialize better with no interpretation that they need to protect the pack leader or to BE the pack leader.

Alfred in his first 2 days has been on pack walks, bike rides, treadmill walking, swimming in the pool and, most importantly, the dog park with a lot of other dogs. There has not been one problem or disagreement out of him. Why? Rituals I have mentioned are important but he is not a dominant dog; he is nervous/anxious/tense which will result in aggression if not disagreed with by the Pack Leader. Or the other members of the pack. As you can see in the video, a dog like Alfred is happier when he is not in a role he is not designed for, as in leading the pack, or even being in the Happy-Go-Lucky middle of the pack. And when this happens, the pack is welcoming and nurturing to and for him. See his video here ( or click on the Kamp K-9 YouTube channel.

Since this is purely instinct and not training, you must first know about how dogs think and relate to others in a pack to determine what and how to change unwanted behavior. If you don't know, ask. If you do know, stay calm and assertive and help the pack!

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