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Fantastic Event!

Almost 80 attendees

Thursday, February 23 was the coldest night this winter at the beaches, and almost 80 people still braved the cold wind and temperatures to learn more about how to be an even better Pack Leader! Food was provided by DiFranza Law and Sweets by Lizzie, drinks from Salty Paws, and dog food samples and coupons were also provided by an attendee from Standard Feed. Everyone received a goody bag with a dog treat and other goodies, and we raffled off a really great dog gift basket from Salty Paws!

They also receieved a solid 1.5 hours of fun but informative education about dogs and dog psychology. I love it when people have that, "Oh...." moment when they realize why their dogs do certain things, or DON'T do certain things. The questions at the end and the discussions throughout the presentation were thoughtful and right on target and everyone stayed engaged the entire time.

This was technically the first class of a six-week training where the remainder of the classes are hands-on, with dogs in smaller groups of 12. These will take place at Salty Paws every Wednesday starting on March 4, and pack leaders can choose the time that fits them best: 2:00 p.m. or 6:30 p.m. and will include a leash for the training that they can keep after completing the six weeks. Already, the classes are filling and the pack leaders are excited about helping their entire pack improve.

Other pack leaders have taken the opportunity to reserve individual training sessions for even more improvement, and the folks who have signed up are the kind of folks I love teaching -- they're involved and connected to the training as well as committed to doing what it takes. In short, it will simple take being calm and assertive! The rest is simple, humans make it complicated!

Until the next time, find your calmness in the face of adversity and stay assertive!

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