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Draining Excess Energy

There are quite a few people who don't believe they have the time to walk their dogs to drain the energy -- and you may be right! "The Walk" is really not designed for physical energy draining since it is really all about the mental challenge. However, if you have a treadmill (and many people do) you already have one tool available; the other tool is patience.

It is true that some treadmill bands are too short for some dogs (Koa is an example) but that is not the norm. But a patient attitude and a calm demeanor is really important, and you would be surprised how quickly your dog will learn to walk on it! Plus, behavior issues are easier to control and to correct without the pent up anxious energy that they may have.

Kobe & Remy had never been on a treadmill before their vacation with me when their owners were out of town. Both did not get all of their energy out earlier in the day and they both really needed a run. I had rollerbladed with them several days before but they needed something a bit cooler so I decided to try the treadmill. As you can see it works really well and although you'll need to stay there with them in the beginning, they get a great walk and a mental challenge all at once. Each time after the first time it was easier and easier for them to recognize what they would be doing and they certainly looked happy.

Even though your dog might protest in the beginning, setting the correct pace and helping them adjust is a good mental exercise for the Pack Leader, also. And it gives them one more reason to respect your position in the pack with the challenge and the correct mental attitude.

Try it and let me know how it worked for you. If it didn't work, let me know and I can help with the exercise. Until next time, stay calm and get your energetic pup exhausted!

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